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Slime list (WIP?)
Baby Slime: No. 0: Uses weak Physical Attacks, It's weak so you need to train it

Blue Slime No. 1: Uses basic Water Magic and Physical Attacks, The first slime you'll meet.

Green Slime No. 2: Uses basic Nature Magic and Physical Attacks, The second slime you'll meet.

Fire Slime No. 3: Uses basic Fire Magic and Physical Attacks, Careful! It's HOT!

Mud Slime No. 4: Uses basic Earth Magic and Physical Attacks, More like mud then a slime

Thunder Slime No. 5: Uses basic Electric Magic and Physical Attacks, Who said thunder and slimes can't be one thing?

Ice Slime No. 6: Uses basic Ice Magic and Physical Attacks, How is it not frozen? It's best that this question will never be answered....

Holy Slime No. 7: Uses basic Light Magic and Physical Attacks, Despite this slime being holy, it's still neutral...

Dark Slime No. 8: Uses basic Dark Magic and Physical Attacks, And they say that shadows can't hurt you and shadows can't be hurt...

Poison Slime No. 8: Uses basic Poison Magic and Physical Attacks, Well this is great....

Fairy Slime No. 9: Uses basic Nature and Light Magic, Not the kind of fairy I was expecting....

Space Slime No. 10:Uses basic Galactic Magic and Physical Attacks, Going where no slime has gone before

Big Slime No. 11: Uses strong Physical Attacks, More like Big Bully...

Monster Slime No. 12: Uses strong Dark Magic and Very Strong Physical Attacks, Well now it's more then bad...

Tall Slime No. 13: Uses strong Physical Attacks, Probably the little bro of the Big Slime

Angel Slime (rare) No. 14: Uses strong Light Magic, It has came from heaven to send you to hell

Demon Slime No. 15: Uses strong Dark Magic, ....... Why?

Ghost Slime No. 16: Uses basic Ghost Magic: It's back from the dead...

Bug Slime No. 17: Uses basic Poison Magic and strong Physical attacks: Get the bug spray...

Gas Slime No. 18: Uses strong Poison Magic and basic Ghost Magic, Get the gas mask...

Corrupted Slime No. 19: Uses strong Dark Magic and Physical Attacks,…

Illuminant Slime No. 20: Uses strong Light Magic and Physical Attacks, Why its it glowing?

8-bit Slime No. 21: Uses strong Physical Attacks, VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!

Toxic Slime No. 22: Uses strong Poison Attacks and strong Physical Attacks, WHY IS THERE A TERRARIA SLIME ON THIS LIST?!?!?!

Metal Slime No. 23: Uses strong Physical Attacks and basic Metallic Magic, It's not scrap its using, ITS ARMOR!!!!

Cute Slime No. 24: Uses strong Physical Attacks, WHY IS THERE A MAPLESTORY SLIME ON THIS LIST?!?!?!

Golden Slime No. 25: Uses strong Physical Attacks, FIRST ONE TO KILL IT GETS TONS OF MONEY!

Doodle Slime No. 26: Uses strong Physical Attacks and Nature Magic, Paper cut...

Classic Slime No. 27: Uses Strong Physical Attacks, This actually used to be the original design for my slimes

Fish Slime No. ???: Extinct because of over fishing...

Umbrella Slime No. 28: Uses strong Physical attacks and Water Magic, I'm not going to say anything...

Rainbow Slime (Rare)No. 29: Uses strong Light Magic, Strong Water Magic, Strong Nature Magic, Strong Fire Magic, Strong Electric Magic and very strong Physical Attacks, The manager

Mother Slime No. 30: Uses very strong Physical Attacks, If killed, her babies will attack you

Pinky (Rare) No. 31: Uses Physical attacks, The Terraria wiki says that if a Pinky is killed, it would increase that damage you'll deal to slimes

Dungeon Slime No. 32: Uses strong Earth Magic and strong Physical Attacks, Go and clean up the dungeon!

Morphing Slime (Rare) No. 33: Uses Morphing magic and strong Physical Attacks, There rare because when they morph, it's hard to tell if there a Morphing Slime or another slime...

Winged Slime (Rare) No. 34: Uses basic Air Magic and Physical Attacks, Behold, the Air elemental slime!

Rock Slime (Endangered) No. 35: Uses very strong Earth Magic and Strong Physical attacks, There endangered because of over population...

Spike Slime No. 36: Uses strong Poison Magic and strong Physical Attacks, Nothing to do here...

Note Slime No. 37: Uses basic Music Magic, You can't touch music, but music can touch you...

??? No. ???: ????????

??? No. ???: ????????


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United States
I have a Dragon Cave account. I will be adding eggs I need to hatch here: [][img]h… [][img]h… [][img]h…


Sprites made from scratch
These are just simple sprites made from scratch... (and sometimes edits) HOWEVER! please do NOT rush me when I make sprites for you, otherwise I will cancel your commission, I will post them for you as soon as there done... But only something simple, like an emotion or Pokemon sprites...


:iconryeven: :icondrawingsforeveryone: :iconquilaviper: :iconsoupgeist: :iconpokemontrainernat: :iconkunai-of-the-sand: :iconcosbydaf: :iconkata-009: :iconsquirrelkidd: :iconpokeman25: :iconadscomics: :iconfishlover: :iconcolourfulgold: :iconneoweegee:


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